Throughout the 20th Century, three members of the same family became synonymous with the hanging of convicted murderers, spies and traitors. Henry, Tom and, most famously, Albert Pierrepoint all held the post of Britain’s Chief Executioner.

The execution diaries of the father, Henry and his son Albert provide a unique insight into British social history and a nation’s need for retribution during a century that saw unprecedented upheaval, violence and social transition - a time that encompassed Victorian conservatism to post war liberalism.

These irreplaceable diaries are owned by Triple Knot Productions along with personal belongings, letters and photographs. Stretching from 1901 to 1954, Henry and Albert Pierrepoint’s Execution Diaries contain details of over 800 executions including some of the most infamous criminal cases ever tried in Britain and beyond - from Ruth Ellis to convicted Nuremburg war criminals, mass murderer John Christie to the innocent Timothy Evans.

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